Stanford University

SSSIP STEM Summer Program

Course Date


Students will be staying on Stanford University Housing during the Summer. Depending on the dorm specifications, students will be put into single, double, or 4 people suits.

Students are required to do their own laundry. Chaperones will provide instructions on how to pay and operate the washer/dryer.


As all full-time Stanford students are having classes during the Winter, our students will be staying at Stanford University Residential Life selected hotels or hostels during the Winter Program. Depending on the room specifications, students will be put into double or 4-bedrooms.


Students will receive a student dining card used for purchasing their own meals starting on the 2nd day of the Program date. Each student will have the opportunity to pick and choose their own meals daily, and the chaperones will be available to suggest where to go. Depending on availability, students will also have the opportunity to dine at University Dining Halls throughout the campus (Undergraduate and/or Graduate).


Application received, please check to see if a deposit is required