Stanford University

SSSIP STEM Summer Program

Course Date

Key Takeaways

• Stanford University and Stanford School of Medicine full time Professor/Instructor teachings throughout the entire Program
• Official certification of completion issued by Stanford University
• Letter of recommendation from Stanford University Professor that can be included in college and graduate school application package (Professor will go online and submit his/her recommendation for your college or graduate school application; max of 5 submissions)
• Lab reports could be uploaded to college application as a key differentiator
• The only Program that exposes international students to over 70 hours of Stanford School of Medicine laboratory work



Since 2013, our Stanford SSSIP alumni have gotten into the following universities (partial list):

Columbia University (College and Graduate School)
New York University (College x8 and Graduate School x2)
Williams College
Washington University in St. Louis
University of Pennsylvania
Emory University (x5)
The Johns Hopkins University (Graduate School)
Cornell University
University of California, Berkeley (x2)
University of Southern California (x2)


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