Columbia Business School

Course Date

Is This an Official Program Offered by Columbia Business School?

All IEG sponsored Programs are official Programs, meaning, you could find our Programs on the University's website. For closed Programs, please contact the Program Director at each University respectively.

Columbia Business School's website is at:

Will I Be Able to Learn Anything Within a Week?

Although the Columbia Business School Venture For All Program seems short, it really isn't. Admitted students will be spending on average, 7 hours per day in class learning, discussing, and working on activities in class. The total in-class hour could easily surpass a regular 3-credit University course. Therefore, you will be able to walkaway with an in-depth college/graduate school experience.

Could This Program Be Too Hard for Me?

We understand this could be an intensive Program, but each student will receive one-on-one sessions with the teaching Professor, as well as extensive guidances from the Teaching Assistants.


Application received, please check to see if a deposit is required