2020 Columbia Business School Venture For All® Model Entrepreneur® Online Competition Final Round-Asia Edition


About Model Entrepreneur® Competition

About Model Entrepreneur® Competition

Model Entrepreneur® Competition, (also known as ME or MEC), is a global competition hosted by Columbia Business School Venture For All® (VFA) and IEG Global Association. Each year, students throughout the world participate in MEC to not only learn how to be an entrepreneur, but also to pursue their business dreams.

The first MEC was founded in 2014, this year marks the 6th anniversary of MEC. With the goal to encourage young talents to stand out from pure imagination and speak out innovation ideas with business feasibility, MEC has proven itself and become a new star amongst all global business competitions. During the last 5 years, members from the top 5 places of MEC has been accepted by Stanford University, Yale University, University of Chicago, Columbia University, UC Berkeley, and many other top universities in the U.S. and U.K.

Each year, thousands of outstanding students from all over the world participated in MEC. Participants from different countries compete on the stage and engage in intense debates, which in turn invigorates their innovative inspiration and cross-cultural exchange. Numerous creative ideas have been created during the competition every year, symbolizing the most cutting-edge business philosophy of the new era.

Since the second competition, MEC has garnered more and more attention from Asian students. As the influence and popularity of MEC in Asia continued to rise, the competition committee decided to divide the global MEC business competition into the US Edition and Asia Edition. The 6th Global MEC Asia Edition will reach another milestone with many top talents presenting their highly feasible business ideas in Shanghai. The awards and prizes this year will total over $100,000 USD. We are thrilled to invite you to join us in the Model Entrepreneur® Competition!
“Let entrepreneurship change lives!”

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