Requirements of Participation

The poster design style and type of poster are not limited and can be created in various forms such as graphics, images, illustrations, fonts, and color interpretation.

1. The poster elements should include: 1) essential: the "Ambilight" LOGO with the same font; 2) Optional: main slogan: Ambilight; Sub-slogan: The glorious ripples surrounding the Philips TV screen make you feel like you are under a huge scenery, immersed in the beautiful artistic conception of the Ambilight.
2. The commercial poster design should not only embody the core selling point of "Ambilight" but also embody the concept of new technology and fashion.
3. Poster design shall not violate the relevant national laws.
4. For product details, please refer to the attached files and product videos. Participants need to complete the application and pay the registration fee first, then the MEC organizer will send out the relevant information and designing material package via email to all participants.

Method of Submission

a. Each team needs to e-mail their poster to mec@ivyedugrp.org before the deadline, and each team may modify their work one-time only.
b. Submission Requirements
1) Poster documents (2 files)
File 1: 78cm * 100cm (vertical version), resolution 300dpi, color mode CMYK, JPEG format.
File 2: 31.2cm * 40cm (vertical version), resolution 72dpi , RGB color mode, and no more than 6M, JPEG format.
Remarks: Please properly save AI or PS documents. All the top 30 finalists must provide original editable documents.
2) A design elaboration in the text description, within 300 words.

Phase I of competition

The Philips Commercial Poster Design Online Competition will consist of professional judging(Phase I) and online voting(Phase II). Adhering to the principles of high standards, openness, fairness, and justice, honorable guests are invited to judge according to four perspectives: ideological, artistic, commercial, and technical with the process as follows:

Phase I:The Judging Panel will select the top 30 works (with comments), and 30% of the score will be counted into the total scoring.

Scoring rules: The three judges will score separately, with a full score of 30 points, and the average score will be the final score.


Application received, please check to see if a deposit is required