Phase II and III of the competition

The Philips Commercial Poster Design Online Competition will consist of professional judging(Phase I) and online voting(Phase II). Adhering to the principles of high standards, openness, fairness, and justice, honorable guests are invited to judge according to four perspectives: ideological, artistic, commercial, and technical with the process as follows:

Phase II:Online voting will be conducted on an exclusive online voting channel, and 70% of the score will be counted into the total scoring.
Scoring rules: Based on the highest number of votes-a full score of 70 points, with the number of votes/the highest number of votes * 70, after the conversion ratio.

Phase III:The final results will be announced, and the certificates and prizes will be issued.

Awarding method: The winners will have the opportunity to participate in the 2020 Columbia Business School MEC Global Model Entrepreneur Contest Asian Finals Live, where professional judges and Columbia professors will present prizes and take photos with the winners.


Application received, please check to see if a deposit is required