First Round Guidelines

First Round Guidelines

Step 1
Register and pay the fees online through the official website or QR Code
1) Group Registration: no later than 2020/02/02 23:59:59 (Beijing Time, GMT+8).
2) Individual Registration: no later than 2020/01/01 23:59:59 (Beijing Time, GMT+8). The participant who signs up as an individual, the MEC committee will assign a team for you according to your location. The organizer will form the team within one week and let the participant decide to join the team or not.
3) Fees: USD $60 or ¥400/person (USD $48 or ¥320/person for all VFA Club members).

Step 2
Get access to exclusive Cloud account and Free Online Courses
1) Group Registration: MEC organizer will provide login information for free online courses from Columbia Business School VFA club, within one week upon receipt of the payment (total of 2 modules with 6 sessions).
2) Individual Registration: after forming the group, the team needs to select a team leader who will be given the login information to access the free online courses (total of 2 modules with 6 sessions)
*Friendly Reminder: the earlier you complete the registration, the earlier you will gain access to Columbia Business School’s free online video courses on how to launch your ventures.

Step 3
First Round Business Proposal Submission & Social Media Promotion
1) The First Round will be evaluated by two parts: business proposal and social media promotion.
All teams should submit the first version of the business proposal no later than 2020/02/02 23:59:59 (Beijing time, GMT+8). Each team will have only one chance to revise their business proposal after receiving feedback from Columbia Business School Venture For All® professors/instructors. Feedback will be sent back to the team via email or uploaded into the Cloud account within 2 weeks upon receipt of the business proposal.
2) The earlier you submit the business proposal, the more time you will have to refine your business proposal.
3) All teams should submit a revised business proposal no later than 2020/02/17 23:59:59 (Beijing time, GMT+8). If the revised version was not received by the deadline, the first version will be considered as the final version.
4) All teams shall launch a promotional campaign starting from 02/02/2020. The cutoff time is 2020/02/17 23:59:59 (Beijing time, GMT+8). For specific requirements, please refer to session B below.
5) All business proposals must be written in English, composed in PowerPoint and exported as PDF (maximum file size 10 MB). If the business proposal contains charts or data analysis, the data sources must be provided in references and appendices as attachments. The requirements and the evaluation standards of the business proposal are listed in below.

6) PDF file naming: the team leader must upload the business proposal to an exclusive Cloud by the deadline. The file name should be in the format as follows: team name + school name (in English) and send an email to notify the organizer via me@ivyedugrp.org, with the email subject: team name + school name (in English).

Step 4
Responsibilities of Team Leader during the First Round
1) The team leader shall ensure that all team members’personal information has been submitted (including revised information), no later than 2020/02/17.
2) The team leader must get in touch with MEC organizer to go through basic training on competition rules, social media promotional campaigns, and exclusive cloud user’s guidance (for submitting a business proposal), no later than 2020/02/02.
3) The team leader shall demonstrate leadership and proactively cooperate with the organizer to complete all communication work.
4) The team leader who performs deftly during the competition will be awarded a Columbia Business School Venture For All ® team leader certificate.

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Business Proposal Content and Scoring

Business Proposal
Part I - Cover page with team name, logo, team members’names, school name, supervising teacher’s name
(Every supervising teacher will receive a certificate from Columbia Business School Venture For All® Model Entrepreneur®).

Part II - How did you come up with your idea? Why do you want to execute this idea?

Part III - Describe the current problem or opportunity.

Part IV - Elaborate on your product or service.

Part V - Customer archetypes. Who are your customers? What type of customers would find your product or service most useful?

Part VI - What is your product or service's value proposition?

Social Media Promotion

In a competitive business environment, regardless of how successful a new product or service can achieve its sales target, marketing and promotional campaign effort are critical. Each team should run its marketing campaign via social media promoting your product or service. The team with the highest number of “likes” collected on all social media channels (Wechat, Line, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.), will be awarded an exclusive backpack co-branded by Jansport, Columbia Business School Venture For All®, and IEG.

All teams should send screenshots and links demonstrating the number of “likes” to the organizer via email or Cloud by 2020/02/18 23:59:59 (Beijing time, GMT+8). The end date of the social media promotional campaign is 2020/02/17 23:59:59 (Beijing time, GMT+8).
The contents of the promotion materials can be presented in the form of text, images or video. The format is not restricted, but the following information MUST be included:

1) The title of the promotional piece must include the theme of the competition:
“2020 Model Entrepreneur Competition Asia Edition”
2) The contents of the promotional piece must include the slogan of MEC:
“Changing lives through innovative business ideas!”


PaymentCBS VFA Club Member?

Please make payments through:
1. Credit Card
2. Alipay by scanning the QR code
3. Wire fee directly to:

Account Name: 上海爱藤商务信息咨询有限公司
Bank Information: 中国工商银行静安寺支行
Account Number: 1001255309207819168


Application received, please check to see if a deposit is required