Model Entrepreneur® - Asia Edition


MEC Key Dates

First Round Registration Date:
2019/10/15 (Tuesday) - 2020/02/02 (Sunday) 23:59:59 (Beijing time, GMT+8)

First Round Business Proposal Submission:
2020/02/02 23:59:59 (Beijing Time, GMT+8): First Round business proposal submission.
2020/02/17 23:59:59 (Beijing Time, GMT+8): revised business proposal submission.
2020/02/02 -2020/02/17 23:59:59 (Beijing Time, GMT+8): Social media promotion via the internet.

Final Round Announcement:
2020/03/02 12:00:00 (Beijing Time, GMT+8): a total of 32 teams will be chosen and announced on the website to advance to the Final Round of the 2020 MEC.

Final Round Registration Date:
2020/03/16 23:59:59 (Beijing Time, GMT+8): all payments need to be made no later than this date.

Final Round Dates:
2020/04/24~04/26: 3 days event in Shanghai with room and board included.
Venue: Shanghai High School International Division. (No. 989, Bai Se Rd., Xu Hui District, Shanghai)


Application received, please check to see if a deposit is required