First Round

1. Registration date: 10/15/2019 (Tuesday) - 02/02/2020 (Sunday) 23:59:59. Students will gain full access into current Columbia Business School professor teaching videos once the registration fee has been received.

2. Columbia Business School Feedback:
After submission of the First Round proposal, each team will have one chance to improve on their business proposal. The earlier the team submits the proposal, the earlier it will receive feedback from Columbia Business School Venture For All professors/instructors. Revised proposal will need to be submitted by 02/17/2020 (Monday).

3. Teams made to the Final Round will be announced on 03/02/2020 (Monday). There will only be 32 teams who could make to the Final Round in Shanghai.

MEC Key Dates

First Round Registration Date:
2019/10/15 (Tuesday) - 2020/02/02 (Sunday) 23:59:59 (Beijing time, GMT+8)

First Round Business Proposal Submission:
2020/02/02 23:59:59 (Beijing Time, GMT+8): First Round business proposal submission.
2020/02/17 23:59:59 (Beijing Time, GMT+8): revised business proposal submission.
2020/02/02 -2020/02/17 23:59:59 (Beijing Time, GMT+8): Social media promotion via the internet.

Final Round Announcement:
2020/03/02 12:00:00 (Beijing Time, GMT+8): a total of 32 teams will be chosen and announced on the website to advance to the Final Round of the 2020 MEC.

Final Round Registration Date:
2020/04/20 23:59:59 (Beijing Time, GMT+8): all payments need to be made no later than this date.

Final Round Dates:
2020/05/15~05/17: 3 days event in Shanghai with room and board included.
Venue: Shanghai High School International Division. (No. 989, Bai Se Rd., Xu Hui District, Shanghai)



Application received, please check to see if a deposit is required