Course Date
  • 課程安排

    Sunday, July 5:
    PM: Tour of Berklee / Dinner at Berklee Cafeteria

    Monday, July 6:
    Teaching Day 1: Introduction / How Entrepreneurs See The World
    Musical Entrepreneurship: How musicians create things with what’s available (example Berklee Instructor; Steve Bailey; Chair of Bass Dpt)
    Exercise: What does entrepreneurship mean to you?
    Afternoon Interview: Google Hangout Session with Mike Cassidy, GoogleX (Berklee alumn)
    Afternoon Activity: Visit to Blade Incubator and meeting with Paul English, Founder,

    Tuesday, July 7:
    Teaching Day 2: Developing Your Vision
    Musical Entrepreneurship: Where do songs come from? (example Berklee Instructor; Bonnie Hayes; Chair of Songwriting Dpt)
    Exercise: Learn your Intentions with Bill Warner, founder, Avid
    Film Viewing: Sound City
    Afternoon Activity: Trip to Harvard iLab / Visit to Red Star Studios and meeting with Founders Joe Chung and Matt Beecher

    Wednesday, July 8:
    Teaching Day 3: Understanding Your Customer & Prototyping
    Musical Entrepreneurship: The process of recording a song (example Berklee Instructor; Rob Jaczko , Chair Music Production & Engineering)
    Exercise: Design Thinking Workshop with Ken Zolot, MIT
    Afternoon Activity: Tour of IDEO offices; meet Managing Director, Michael Hendrix

    Thursday, July 9:
    Teaching Day 4: Collaboration Skills / Building Your Team
    Musical Entrepreneurship: The magical chemistry of great bands (example Berklee Instructors, George Howard, Associate Professor, Music Business Management and/or Jeff Dorenfeld, Professor, MBM)
    Exercise: Ensembles & Co-Creation
    Tour of MIT Media Lab with Ken Zolot, Sr. Lecturer, MIT Engineering

    Friday, July 10:
    Teaching Day 5: Presentation Skills / Mentoring / Refinement
    Musical Entrepreneurship: How great performers command the stage (example Berklee Instructor, Rob Rose, VP, Special Programs)
    Students will spend after lunch with the groups, being mentored by group by a select entrepreneurs on how to refine their final pitch
    Exercise: Stage Presentation & Command
    Evening Activity: Music show at Berklee Performance Center or other local venue

    Saturday, July 11:
    Teaching Day 6: Final Presentations & Graduation Ceremony
    Proposed Judges:
    Don Gorder, Chair, Music Business/Management
    Ken Zolot, Sr. Lecturer, MIT
    Rob Rose, VP Special Programs
    Bill Kaiser, Partner, Greylock Partners

    Diploma Presentations: Panos Panay, Rob Rose, Don Gorder

    Sunday, July 12
    Breakfast at Berklee Cafeteria


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