Model Entrepreneur® - Asia Edition


First Round Business Proposal Submission

1. Dates: 10/15/2019-2/01/2019. First Round payments need to be made before 2/26/2019. The earlier you register, the earlier you will gain access into Columbia Business School professor of the year (2018) teaching videos on how to launch your own ventures.

2. Fees: USD $60/person (USD $45 for all VFA Club members).

3. Online training: a Columbia Business School account will be set up for students to gain access into teaching videos by a current Columbia Business School professor.

4. Official feedback from Columbia Business School: every team will have one chance to revise their First Round business proposal after being reviewed by a Columbia Business School and/or Venture For All professor/instructor. Feedback will be e-mailed back to the leader of the team within 2 weeks after submission. The earlier you submit, the more time you will have for revision. If a revised business proposal has not been received before 2/26/2019 (Tuesday), the non-revised version of the business proposal will be considered for Final Round advancement.

Register online here

Business Proposal Content and Scoring

A. Business proposal (English only)
Business proposal accounts for 70% of the First Round scoring

First slide (cover page): team name, logo, team names, school name, supervising teacher (teacher assisting students will receive an official letter of appreciation from Columbia Business School's Venture For All).
Second slide: how did you come up with your idea? Why do you want to execute this idea?
Third slide: describe current problem or opportunity.
Fourth slide: elaborate on your product or service.
Fifth slide: customer archetypes, who are your customers? What type of customers would find your product or service most useful?
Sixth slide: what is your product or service's value proposition?

B. Marketing effort - social media promotion (English, Chinese, or local language)
Wechat/Facebook/IG article - based on number of likes, will account for 30%

Efficient marketing efforts are integral to the success of any product. Therefore, ME requires you to try and demonstrate to us you have what it takes to become an effective "marketer". In order to gauge how good your team is, we ask you to create an article* on your own social media channel (Wechat, Facebook, or IG). This article will focus on the business idea you plan to submit to ME, and it could be in the form of text, pictures, or videos.

*Subject of the article needs to include the following wordings: "2019 Official Columbia Business School Business Competition-ME"
For example: The business funding for the 2019 Official Columbia Business School Business Competition-ME is mine for the taking!
*Text of the article needs to include the following wordings: "2019 ME competition is not about competition, but to get us inspired to be a successful entrepreneur!"

The number of "likes" will be used to determine your final score for the First Round.
Please submit a screenshot before February 1st, 2019, and e-mail it to

Business Proposal Submission Rule

If you don't follow the rule of submission, there will be a 1 point deduction on your overall score!

1. Team leader needs to e-mail First Round business proposal to in PDF format.
2. e-mail Subject: 19ME_Team Name_School Name_First Version/Revised Version
3. Business proposal file naming: 19ME_Team Name_School Name_First Version/Revised Version

Final Round Announcement

Announcement will be made on 3/13/2019.

A total of 30 teams will be chosen to join the Final Round of the 2019 Columbia Business School Venture For All Model Entrepreneur competition.


Application received, please check to see if a deposit is required